Fundamentalists Beware

Yet another blog post about Dr. John Hawks research on the acceleration of human evolution, this time chiding Fundamentalists who don’t believe in evolution to beware of the consequences of the new data.

All that evolution in just 5,000 years! And to think the Earth, according to various fundamentalist Christians, is only 6,000 years old.

Once again we see the difference between real science, where you can pretty much question, analyze, study and theorize all you want and then publish peer-reviewed papers that back up your ideas, and creationism, which starts with an “answer” (an outlandish one at that) and excludes everything that does not fit no matter how much evidence there is for it.

And what’s really cool is that if some other researcher thinks Hawks is full of it, he or she can muster some research, publish and try to make that case. Eventually, enough evidence will be gathered to support one view over the other. That’s how it works in that wacky world of real science!

Science is indeed wacky.


2 responses to “Fundamentalists Beware

  1. The False Prophet is the ultimate deceiver. Do not believe his science, which are lies perpetuated by his minions. You are a product of God’s love for all of humanity, use your talents wisely. I request you remove this post. I will monitor this site for compliance.

  2. @Jpeepers:

    The beauty of America is we can do as we desire, provided it does not go against the law. Show us how science is deceitful; all science was created to explain the miracles, workings, and creations of God.

    And true scientists or students of the sciences do not believe in anything. We have theories that support or not support our ideas; we can scrutinize, criticize, whatever-ize to our methods to see if the opposite effect is just as testing.

    Plus, remember when the Church was the only force in the land, it was the called the “Dark Ages”?

    Anyone can make up something in science, this is true; the hunch is that you have to have the data to back it up.

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