John Edwards Gains Big Endorsement?

Don’t count him out yet.  John Edwards is rumored to be receiving an endorsement tomorrow from Mari Culver, the wife of Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D).   This isn’t too much of a shock, though, since she endorsed him in 2004.  Did it help him the first time?

Well, who knows.  In the last election he got second in Iowa with 31.8% of the vote to John Kerry’s 37.6%.   He then went on to get 4th in New Hampshire.  He did, however, become Kerry’s running mate.

The take home message is that this endorsement (assuming he gets it) won’t put him over the top either way.  But, it may help him maintain is position as the strong number 3 guy in the race, and a guy with a broad base of support which may again lead to a Vice Presidential offer.  I don’t think he’ll get an offer, but the broader his support the more likely that will be.

Edwards speaks to people.  Particularly people who feel ignored by the other top tier candidates.  He is an unapologetic populist, and that gives him a credibility with people who need a populist to look out for them in government.

This potential endorsement by the wife of Iowa’s Governor won’t change much.  But, it’s a positive sign in the right direction for a campaign that ain’t over yet.


One response to “John Edwards Gains Big Endorsement?

  1. Yea Edwards has been getting some great endorsements including unions.

    I really hope he has a major surge here soon.

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