2007 Year in Review

At Blue Oregon.  Here’s a highlight of what our Oregon Government did this year:

  • Established a rainy-day fund,
  • Secured an 18% increase on K-12 spending and 22% for universities,
  • Expanded the bottle bill to include water bottles,
  • Created a domestic partnership law,
  • Established workplace non-descrimination for sexual orientation,
  • Capped payday loans at 36%,
  • Created a 25% renewable energy standard by 2025,
  • Guaranteed coverage for contraceptives in health insurance,
  • Referred reforms to Measure 37 to the ballot, where it passed in November,
  • Passed ethics reform and reversed some of Karen Minnis’s polarizing rules in the House.

2 responses to “2007 Year in Review

  1. Still no gay marriage — right? I hope it is not becoming the hidden conservative state like the one above with all of the rain too.

    And death row?

  2. In the Portland Metro area, the mood is decidedly Liberal. But, outside of the metro area, it’s remarkably conservative. We’re a very polarized state.

    Our struggles with Gay marriage are a testament to that.

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