Eco Terrorism, ELF, and a Wave of Idiocy


Well, we’ve had yet another wave of eco terrorism.  This time in Seattle.  I’m blown away by these fuckin’ morons who honestly think that burning down some rich dudes house is going to bring more people into the fold and onto the side of environmentalism.  Sure, that’s gonna work.  We all know that the best way to get someone to agree with you is to stab them in the gut.  Idiots!

I loath bastards like this.  ELF, the Earth Liberation Front, and others of their ilk, disgust me.  They miss the point completely.  (Not to mention the irony of setting a modern house ablaze and the environmental hazard that causes!)  The point is not to scare people who don’t see a problem with the environment into submission.  It’s to actually convince them that there is a problem.  they have to actually believe it.

By doing this kind of bullshit, all you do is piss them off (and piss off otherwise earth-friendly people like me) and entrench them MORE.  Think about what happened after 911.  Bin Laden was convinced that what he was doing was gonna somehow change America.  What an idiot!  Instead he awakened a monstrous dragon with W at the helm.  Stupid indeed.

If they want war, the environment will suffer.

The Third Wave responded to these attacks as follows:

Peacemaking is about healing. What ELF and Earth First! and other such organizations don’t understand is that the job of environmentalists isn’t too harass and malign. If you ask me, it’s not even about having clean water and clean air, it’s not about saving species from extinction or making sure we emit less CO2. No. Environmentalism is about healing; it’s about striving towards a more harmonious interaction between humanity and everything else. Once we have that, clean water, clean air, species preservation…all these things will come together.

But we can’t force healing through violence. If there’s one thing we as a species should’ve learned by now, it’s that killing doesn’t solve problems; it puts them off while creating new ones. And while ecoterrorists, it’s true, don’t murder and kill, it’s also true that destroying property is also not a healing activity. It’s detrimental. It destroys, it hurts, it causes more brokenness.

Now that IS the point.


5 responses to “Eco Terrorism, ELF, and a Wave of Idiocy

  1. Eco-terrorism? How dumb are you? War is terrorism. Burning down an unoccupied rich person real estate isn’t terrorism. Talk about bigotry! If anything happens against rich people, its terrorism. Oh no!?! Oh brother!!! Meanwhile, rich people send poor people in the worst activity of mankind, war, and no one thinks anything at all.

    And while you are talking about healing, what healing is actually happening, eh?

    I don’t mean to seem cynical, but do you think politicians will ever stop allowing the environment be destroyed when their political seats and campaigns depend upon those very greedy interests who destroy the environment?

    Now that is what I call moronic thinking!

  2. Patrick Cunningham

    The atrocities committed by far-right radicals
    never seem to get the attention as does the left. Why? Because most Americans depend daily upon these financial facists for their bread and butter.
    America’s clever circus act of balancing on that illusive middle ground shows lack of imagination, courage, and will that is clearly
    apparent to people of the world who treasure this earth more than a fist full of dollars.

  3. Let’s burn things for the environment! Great idea!

    Oh man. I’m not even going to get started on how the Earth will survive us, unless we blow it up.

  4. This is issue is very intense and should be looked at very closely. TitanTV has recently brought up this subject on their website and have posted their show that talks about this on Youtube. The show is called Daily Greens and it examines environmental news. Check out the video at Also check out the TitanTV site to see all our videos and all the Daily Greens Episodes.

  5. These eco-terror-jerks make the rest of the environmentalists and conservationists look bad, or even worst.

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