Paleo Life Art: Ancient Sea Dinosaurs

These Pictures are Great!

10 responses to “Paleo Life Art: Ancient Sea Dinosaurs

  1. The only problem with these pictures is that there is nothing in the pictures that shows a scale to show how large these things are. The should be eating prehistoric scuba divers and VW Beetles.

  2. well considering that turtle is about 4m long you can kinda get how big it actually is so theres your scale for you, so how about you stop being stupid and actually get your facts straight before criticizing something


  4. The pliosaur was thought to reach lengths of 15m plus a formidable preditor.

  5. brachaucherius, right? Awesome…

  6. Oh, ya. Totally rockin!

  7. it’s one of the owesome pictures i have ever seen..

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