Iron Man set for a Sequel

Flat out, the new Iron Man rocked!  And for those like me who hung around for the credits we got a little taste of the future, and it’s name is Samuel L. Jackson.  Sequel? Anything less would be the worst kind of tease.


3 responses to “Iron Man set for a Sequel

  1. So, I arrived at the theatre 4 minutes before the show thinking I would not have a difficult time getting in to the show….I was very wrong. I had no
    expectations for the show. Wow! I am a big fan. I cannot wait for part II.

    Oh, I guess I left too soon.

  2. 2 Hulks
    2 Fantastic 4s
    3 Spidermans
    3 X-Mens

    Of course they’ll do a sequel

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