Is Sam Adams the Dwight Shrewt of Portland Politics?

They’re both shrewd, rude, dudes who know how to sport a good pair of glasses.

Sam is the leading candidate in this years run for Portland Mayor, and he is famous in this town for being a guy who knows how to throw his weight around.

He’s so intense, it’s almost as if he were a ‘volunteer Sheriff’s deputy’.

sam’s garden In my backyard I grow four different kinds of apples, three different kinds of grapes, acorn squash, Atlantic pumpkins for sport, and three different kinds of potatoes: Peruvian, Austrian and fingerlings; strawberries, sweet sugar-snap peas, four different kinds of tomatoes, kiwis, and mustard greens—I love spicy mustard greens; raspberries, celery, dill, cucumbers for pickling, zucchini, and ornamental gourds for my mom.

Can’t you just imagine Dwight saying that?

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