Graduation Day, Hurry Up Already!

Carson gets on his fancy robes to see off his students for graduation one of whom is quite a good writer and (as she should) likes political penguins (here & here).

On a similar note, I’m nearing the end of my Undergraduate work, and am about to (in Fall) enter the Mathematics graduate program here at PSU.   It’s only taken me 8 years (off and on).  I started out 12 years ago studying music at Southern Oregon State University and, through a very circuitous route, ended up doing math.  I rather enjoy being in school and have little intention of leaving.  In fact, I took an extra year here taking graduate classes (at undergraduate prices) just to prolong the inevitable … well, that, and to get a more solid grounding in what I plan to be doing next year.

But, I have to say, this term is starting to bog me down.  I’m now, finally, ready for it to be over (if only for a few weeks before summer term).  After getting my wisdom teeth out, I fell behind something fierce, not so fierce as to be fatal, but enough to make the next week or so sleepless.

Of course, I always fall behind every term.  It’s just the way of things.  From the beginning of time, the life of the student has been like this.  But, this time I don’t seem to have the mental stamina to “rock it out” the way I’m supposed to.

TO DO LIST (one and a half weeks):

  • finish backlog of homework for Differential Games, and try to figure out how to actually solve the HJB Equations
  • Finish backlog of Multi-Linear Homework, and do the take-home final
  • Finalize project for (obnoxious) capstone class.

Also, I’m coaching my Weightlifting team in the State Championships Saturday.  So, that takes the weekend out.  I also have clients during the week, and my own training (since I am also competing on Saturday).

Well … it does feel better to have written it down.  Now I just have to do it.


2 responses to “Graduation Day, Hurry Up Already!

  1. Are you looking to teach math — or work in industry? There is way too much one can do here. I am okay at math, but boy I could be much better. Oh, that student, she is sharp.

    As you know — there is a strong relationship between music and math. Have you seen August Rush? (Sp/title – I think this is right. What a great feel good movie; if my wife had not rented it, I would not have watched it. I think this is one you would like.

  2. I actually haven’t even heard of that movie. But, I the only TV station I get clearly through my rabbit ears is PBS (not bad), so I rarely see the new previews of what’s coming out.

    I am looking to teach, yes. I’m thinking at either a community college or a small teaching college. I like the academic environment. It affects me in the right ways. So, teaching seems like a logical step.

    Oh, and with a good sleepless night of hammering through that list, I’m surprisingly about halfway done. We have the contest tomorrow (which will be a welcome break, fun). Then all that I’ll have next week to work on is a take-home final for the Multilinear Algebra class. Not bad.

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