WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? He’d Walk

I’m getting a little tired of “What Would Jesus Do” stickers on the back of SUV’s. Maybe it’s just something that happens in the suburbs of Portland, but whenever I trek out of the inner sanctum of the city I see them.

Jesus was a radical dude. Period. I mean this guy was INTENSE with a capital everything. He wouldn’t be caught dead in an SUV. He probably wouldn’t have driven at all!

I certainly don’t expect all Christians to be and act just like Jesus, unless they have the sticker. Then I DO expect them to behave like Jesus … and start walking.

2 responses to “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? He’d Walk

  1. Maybe Jesus would ride a bike on occasion as well. A cruiser, though, no spandex-and-skinny-tires for Jesus. He’d have a basket on the front. And He would always ring His bell when overtaking pedestrians.

  2. Jesus would be a proselytizing walker, carrying a mug (which he’d made himself) of home-brewed tea (from his own garden), cursing and spitting at drivers, and enticing cyclists to get back to their own human power. Jesus would be like that guy you know (and *everyone* knows a guy like this) who won’t shut up about some remote political topic and brings it up at every party.

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