Election Wiki?

Is the answer to the inevitable fraud and mistakes during an election the Wiki?

The magic of Fung’s idea is that it makes election problems visible even in the absence of an electoral meltdown. If enough people participated so that coverage is thorough and consistent — and that’s a big “if,” as Fung recognizes — the site would be a great way to draw people’s attention to routine election problems. Indeed, I suspect that the site would be highly addictive. Like many others, I spent an inordinate amount of time reading the updates on election problems that Talking Points Memo and Ben Smith’s Politico blog provided during the primaries. Those blogs, however, could provide only piecemeal information to their readers. By harnessing the power of the wiki, Fung’s “myfairelection” site could provide coverage that is both more systemic (giving you a sense of the big picture) and yet more personalized (letting you see what’s going on in your own neighborhood).

If nothing else, it would be something politicians would have to start worrying about.  And keeping them worried about us coming after them is nearly always a good thing.


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