Blogging for Tenure

I am WAY far off from any illusions of tenure.  Getting through school first is a good goal.  Truth be told, I’m not all that sure tenure is what I want.  I like the idea of an adjunct teaching position, continuing as a part-time weightlifting coach and doing independent research.  Life without the hammer, and lack of mobility, that comes with a tenured position (though I would sacrifice stability, but at least that’s familiar) sounds rather nice actually.

But, for those of you out there who blog and are in a position to worry about such things as your tenure-track opportunities, John Hawks is writing a 4-part serious on Blogging and Tenure.

Last month, the University of Wisconsin officially granted me tenure. So, I can say without any doubt (if other examples had not been sufficient), it is absolutely possible to write a daily, high-profile blog and still be recognized by your colleagues as a scholar. In fact, it is possible to blog, do good research, and earn tenure at a Research I university.


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