Want to be a Better Writer? Blog

A quote from Ann Althouse quoting Kurt Vonnegut:

Writes Kurt Vonnegut, in an excellent and short essay on writing style. He’s got 7 rules:

1. Find a subject you care about

2. Do not ramble, though

3. Keep it simple

4. Have guts to cut

5. Sound like yourself

6. Say what you mean

7. Pity the readers

Great rules for bloggers, obviously. In fact, these are rules that seem to say: A great way to write is to blog.

I totally agree.  Blogging can be a great way to practice the skills of writing without pressure.  Though, rule 2 gets me all the time!

Rule number 5 is one that in the sciences we’re browbeaten into suppressing–A key reason non-scientists don’t read science.  Nobody wants to read something written by a robot (unless that robot was Bender Bending Rodriguez).


4 responses to “Want to be a Better Writer? Blog

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  2. I have even thought about having my students blog on a variety topics because of this point. It allows me to get my thoughts out more.

  3. You know what they say about practice. Also, I think it is a way for people to remind themselves that the act of writing doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun too.

  4. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. keep working!

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