Dead Heat: McCain vs. Obama

Last nights speech by Hillary Clinton was very impressive and may have been the best speech I’ve heard her give during the campaign.  Monday nights speech by Michelle Obama was likewise very good and helped bring her to life for more of the public that may not have heard her speak all that much up until now.  But, is it enough?  Will Bill Clinton’s speech tonight put Obama over the top?

So far, it’s a dead heat.  I ran across this poll data on

Dead Heat

Dead Heat

(BTW–why is “speech” spelled with two “e’s” while “speak” is spelled with an “ea”?  If it weren’t for spell checkers I’d be doomed.)


4 responses to “Dead Heat: McCain vs. Obama

  1. I wish this was a science, but it is not — not like many political scientist and analyst would like to believe.

  2. foot becomes feet
    goose becomes geese
    moose does not become meese
    cook does not become ceek
    moon does not become meen
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ screw you english language and your stupid stupidity

    i read your writing, and you should read mine. red..
    nuff said.

  3. Update: CBS says McCain-Palin up by 10. Adios, Oblabla.

  4. erisian;
    If you want a phonetic language, adopt one that has had little or no outside influence. Arabic, Russian, Japanese, German, and Esperanto come to mind. English is a mash-up of Celtic, Norse, Old German, Latin, and Norman French, plus lots of “borrow-words”. Its generality and openness to influence has made it dominant world-wide.


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