The Emotional Brain

Humans are an emotional creature. But, don’t take my word for it:

Emotions can be overpowering, but they are also the driving force of life. It was long thought that emotion and thought were separate processes. Brain science has begun to realise that the brain is not an organ of thought, but that it is a feeling organ that thinks. A tiny almond shaped structure deep in the brain, the Amygdala, is the first to respond to an emotional event. It triggers a series of reactions within the brain’s emotional core and sends signals throughout the body that change body posture, facial expression, heart-rate, breathing and awareness. The emotions are important in social interaction and in forming social connections. The awareness of emotion is crucial to motivation, decision-making, memory and forethought. Learning how to manage our emotions is an important skill that we continually develop throughout our lives.

2 responses to “The Emotional Brain

  1. In regards to your comment: “Humans are an emotional creature”, I like your suggestion that it takes multiple humans to create one emotional creature. Oh, and I’ve heard that it takes more humans to create one emotional creature if they’re lawyers.

  2. absolutely liked coming upon your blog post, I look forward for the next thread.

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