Revolt at the Convention: Should McCain have Picked Lieberman?

With all the hoopla surrounding John McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin, one has to wonder: was it worth it?  Right out of the gates, scandal. It’s not the kind of scandal that is all that interesting to me, but it brings the wrong kinds of attention.  And contrasting her media reception with that of Joe Biden’s is striking.

She HAS helped to rally the base.  Social conservatives respect that she is trying to hold her family together (as they should).  But, the independents slipping even away from McCain they they already were.  She’s a wild card, much like McCain.  Either she’ll use her force of personality to greatly help the McCain bid, or she’ll sink him.  A big gamble.

There was another option on the table.  John McCain had originally wanted to pick his good friend Joe Lieberman.  However, he may not have had much of a choice in the matter.

John McCain is 72 years old, the oldest candidate nominated to a first term as U.S. President. His health has been far from perfect. If McCain were to die during his first term in office, Lieberman would succeed him. Lieberman agrees with most Republicans on Iraq and several other foreign policy issues, but on a large number of domestic issues, he is essentially a liberal Democrat. Upon McCain’s demise, the Republicans would have handed the Democrats control of the Presidency and Congress on domestic policy. There is also good reason to think that Lieberman’s judicial appointments would be far more liberal than those of the standard Republican President; indeed, he might appoint a fair number of Democrats.


Had McCain insisted on Lieberman, the Republican Party would have revolted at the party’s convention, and for good reason.

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