The Real Sarah Palin: And How to Know if YOU are a Sexist

Polar Bears Endangered?  Sarah Palin Doesnt Care

Polar Bears Endangered? Sarah Palin Doesn't Care

If you are a woman who voted for Hillary Clinton, and are now thinking of voting for McCain because of his vice-Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, then YOU are a sexist voter.  Why?  Because Hillary and Sarah dissagree on nearly every issue there is, while Hillary and Barrack AGREE on nearly every issue.

For example, From Slate

What’s Palin’s record on environmental issues?

The environmental Web site has reported that she objected to listing polar bears or beluga whales as endangered in Alaska, fearing it might affect Alaskan drilling projects. She also voted against a proposition to limit mining where runoff would threaten salmon populations. She is outspoken about opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other offshore locations for oil drilling. The Sierra Club has condemned her advocacy for wolf hunting and her eagerness to drill throughout the state.

I can see Hillary Clinton fuming!  Just cause someone is pretty and a female is not a good reason to vote for them.

If you LIKE that Sarah Palin is against gay marriage, pro-Life, for the war in Iraq, wants creationism taught in schools (alongside evolution “for the debate”), AND doesn’t think that humans have anything to do with climate change, then you’re probably a member of the Republican base and it makes sense that you’d vote for her.

But, if you DON’T like those things, but are still thinking of voting for the McCain/Palin ticket because you want a woman in the white house … you’re a sexist.

Hillary is voting for Barrack.


10 responses to “The Real Sarah Palin: And How to Know if YOU are a Sexist

  1. preservetherepublic

    Very few women are going to vote for McCain just because he put a woman on the ticket. However, Obama just doesn’t deserve their vote either which I am discussing on my blog right now. The main concern to women is the same as it is for men, the economy. History shows time and time again that raising taxes in a recession has devastating consequences. It also shows that when Republicans or Democrats have the Presidency and a majority in Congress, the economy suffers. Our nation can’t afford Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barrack Obama. I concede that Bush hasn’t been great either. However, this may be the worst Congress that we have ever had also. I just don’t trust either party with absolute power.

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  3. It is discouraging to think that people are going to vote for the perceived lesser of two evils. We should write-in Ron Paul and make a statement. Yes, throw away your vote for a good cause. Get more of this rant at

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  5. “Hillary is voting for Barrack.”

    This is the only reason I need not to vote for Barry-0h… Hillary is the anti-woman, the life time politician with out a Life…

  6. I love Sarah… because she is not Hillary!

  7. save the polar bears sara they need ur help my name is sadie and im 11 we need 2 do somthing abot the polar bears they NEEDour help there beging plz help them

  8. sara polar bears r going extinc they need help and we need to stop global warming together we can make this earth a better place for all living things SAVE THE EARTH

  9. I am against gay marriage (because I understand basic anatomy, and have strong morals), I am Pro-Life (because life begins at conception – and I don’t need a pay raise to form that opinion), I am for the war against terror (just as I am for any military action that enhances our national security, and protects our allies around the world), I do want creationism taught in schools (I am for truth, not random speculation), and I am certainly against the man-made global warming hoax (the very idea that man has anything to do with climate change in any way is self-absorbed and humanistic. It is GOD who holds the balance of our planet in HIS hands). In addition, I am NOT a sexist. I am a man, and I am voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    I do not intend to vote for Obama/Biden, regardless of their gender. They are a danger to the very foundation of our Nation, and electing them would be one of the greatest travesties in the history of the United States! We are “One Nation, Under God”!

  10. I m 9 years old an I want sarah plailn to stop global warming. Tell her to make all people to stop driving and all factories to shut doewn. We will all be happy then and polar bears can live with us all together.

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