Want to Increase the Value of Your Home? Plant a Tree

According to a study done by the US Forest Service on over 3000 homes in Portland, Oregon, planting a tree directly in front of your house could raise its value by $7,593.

Not just good for the environment, good for business.

We found that two tree characteristics affected house price. First, each tree directly fronting a house added, on average, $7593 to house price. Second, canopy cover within 100 feet of the middle of a house’s front property line, but not including trees that directly front the property, added $3.25 per square foot ($34.97 per square meter) of CPA. On average, a house had 0.558 street trees in front of it and 904 square feet (83.98 square meters) of CPA within 100 feet (30.48 meters). When combined, the two tree variables (evaluated at their means) add $7020 to the price of a house, which represents 2.4 % of mean sales price. For comparison, this is equivalent to adding 106 finished  square feet to a house. Considering only those houses with street trees in front of them, the average number of street trees is 1.69 per house and the total CPA is 1814 square feet (168.53 square meters). For these houses, the two tree variables add $18 727 or 6.4 % of mean sales price.


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