Human Behavioral Ecology Bibliography

Here’s a link to a huge list of papers on Human Behavioral Ecology.  It’s the study of how humans behave from an evolutionary point of view, including (from the Anthro page at UCSB):

  • social and economic aspects of cooperation;
  • testing models of human longevity
  • social learning of subsistence and social strategies
  • human foraging behavior
  • evolution of human growth and ecological variation
  • social and human capital in small-scale societies
  • biodemography and life history
  • fertility transitions and decision-making
  • social status, networks, and leadership
  • mate guarding and behavioral implications of sexual proprietariness
  • evolutionary medicine

… and more.

Many of the folk in the field are Anthropologists and Biologists, but they also study economic and political behavior.  To my mind, ALL social scientists are doing work in a subfield of human biology, but most of them don’t know it, and are so clueless about biology that they promote theories that clearly contradict reality.  Social Scientists should be required to take biology classes–especially evolution classes.  But, that’s just my two cents!


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