Naomi Klein vs. Will Wilkinson: A Debate a’Brewin’

Found this on Will Wilkinson’s blog, the Fly Trap:

From Lloyd Grove’s Portfolio interview:

So I think reality is really causing the crisis for the true Friedman fanatics. There’s kind of a retreat going on into sacred text. They don’t want to deal with reality because for a long time it was just about trying to get policymakers to accept their ideology. But now they had those policymakers and they’ve created such a disaster, and indicted the ideology with their legacy, now there’s just a desire to go back to the sacred text and say that everything was a distortion. And what I see is a really striking similarity that I’ve seen on the left, on the far left, where you’ve had these kind of Trotskyite people who sell newspapers outside of my events, and they have no interest in looking at the reality of authoritarian communism in Russia, in China, in Cambodia, anywhere. These are all distortions and what they want to do is, they just want to go back to the sacred texts, and say that we have nothing to learn from these lived experiments. The Cato Institute now, essentially, they are Friedmanite Trotskyites.


Please debate me, Naomi Klein!

Personally, I’d love to see that debate (blogging heads?), if for no other reason than because I think Will needs to get in there and bring some reality to Mrs. Klein’s world-view.  Bush was about as close to Libertarian/Friedman-esque views as the Spanish Inquisition was to the message of Jesus.

The Bush administration was/is the classic big-government, do-what-I-want-cause-I’m-all-powerful, anti-freedom, anti-individualism, anti-liberalism, pro-monopoly, pro-oligopoly, anti-market, interventionist, Neocon.  The OPPOSITE of a Libertarian!

I don’t think Naomi Klein has ever read any of the writers at CATO, let alone Friedman (or if so, she didn’t understand them).  Better, she should read Hayek, which is actually a better fit for CATO.  Hayek would have hated Bush.

This isn’t about book-centric-fundamentalism.  It’s about intellectual honesty.  Libertarians are NOT Neocons.  They’re not even Conservatives.  Many of us are Democrats (like me), for heavens sake.    Liberals get rather pissy when you mix together Progressives, Anarchists, the Green party, and Labor movements into one camp as though they all think alike and have the same goals and ideas.  They don’t.  Most Anarchists I know hate Progressives.  And most Progressives I know want to dissown the far left anarchistic wing of the party.

Lumping Libertarians in with Bush is a serious insult that needs refutation.  Go Will!


2 responses to “Naomi Klein vs. Will Wilkinson: A Debate a’Brewin’

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