Naomi Klein, the Left’s Ann Coulter

Reason magazine takes a swipe at Naomi Klein’s ridiculous book, “The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.”

Exhibit A against Friedman is a quote from what Klein calls “one of his most influential essays”: “Only a crisis-actual or perceived-produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” This, says Klein, is “the shock doctrine.” In a not-very-subtle short film based on the book, the quote appears over images of prisoners being tortured.

The quote is not, in fact, from one of Friedman’s most influential essays; it’s from a very brief introduction to a reprint of his book Capitalism and Freedom. And it is not a rationale for welcoming disasters; it’s about the uncontroversial fact that people change their minds when the old ways seem to fail. Friedman provides a telling example, which Klein neglects to quote: Young Americans joined him in opposing the military draft after the Vietnam War forced them to risk their lives on another continent.

Naomi Klein is the Ann Coulter of the Democratic party.

I’m a life long Democrat.  I’ve never once voted for a Republican.  And Naomi Klein embarrasses the hell out of me.  She has the power to make Democrats ashamed to be Democrats.

I don’t believe this person has ever actually read Friedman (which I mentioned here).  I’m all about a solid debate on issues, but, for God’s sake, get your facts right.

The danger isn’t her, per se.  A crazy person on the side of the road yelling about aliens invading isn’t dangerous.  A crazy person who millions of people actually believe is telling the truth IS dangerous.

As I’ve mentioned more than a few times, I live in Liberal Paradise–Portland, Oregon.  And I know a lot of people who love what this woman has to say.  They honestly believe what she writes is true.  They’ve never read Friedman either, so how would they know?

She equates Libertarians with Neoconservatives. Wow.  Are Anarchists the same as Progressives?  Are dogs cats?

Worse, she makes out the writings of an economist (Friedman) to be wholly evil and responsible for the deaths and torture of millions of people, when in fact his entire career was dedicated to promoting the ideals of freedom and liberty for EVERYONE.  He loved and believed in democracies and the right of people to rule their own destinies.  He deplored dictators, corporatism, militarism, and totalitarianism.


You can’t blame Karl Marx for Stalin, or Nietzsche  for Hitler.  These men (Stalin, Hitler) distorted and destroyed the ideas of great thinkers and did evil horrible things all on there own.  If Marx didn’t exist, Stalin would have found someone else’s ideas to scape goat.  The fact is, the dude was insane.

The world is full of evil dictatorial maniacs.  They’ll claim ancestry from Christianity, Islam, Socialism, Free Market Capitalism, and even Buddhism, but that doesn’t make it true.

Every time I tell someone that I believe in free markets, I get the same ridiculous responses.  They always think that what I really mean is that I’m pro-corporate corruption, pro-sweat-shop,  pro-militarism, etc.  It’s absolutely ludicrous!  What non-crazy person is FOR those things?  Those things are the opposite of freedom and free markets!

But, because of people like Naomi Klein (especially Naomi Klein), this strange correlation exists in peoples minds.

Bush was anti-free market.  Period.  Yep, he cut taxes.  That doesn’t make him a Libertarian.  He spied on the American people.  He set up Guantanamo.  He invaded a country, lied about the reasons why, then pretended it was all in the name of Democracy.  He’s a corporatist.  He’s a Neocon.  He’s an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  All of those things might be true.  But, he is NOT a Libertarian.  Friedman was.

Libertarians believe in one thing above all else:  That every human being on this earth is imbued with a set of inalienable rights that no State, no corporation, no military, no other person can infringe upon.  Period.  It’s a very humanist idea.  Where exactly in that is the notion that torture and murder of your enemies (for the sake of “free market capitalism”) is OK?

I’ll say it again.

Naomi Klein is the Ann Coulter of the Democratic Party.


3 responses to “Naomi Klein, the Left’s Ann Coulter

  1. Donny Gullistons

    Excellent essay. Naomi Klein either never read Friedman or knew that he atacks on him were untrue. I’m not sure which is worse; the latter I guess. I suspect that the former is the case, though. Thanks for helping to expose this wingnut.

  2. Thanks. I think it’s time for Democrats to band together and make a pact that we aren’t going to tolerate the kind of mindless rhetoric from our side that the Ann Coulter’s and Bill O’Reilly’s of this world dish out all the time from theirs.

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