Study Advice: End of Term Strategies

The Proletarian gives us a list of 14 sure fire ways to get through finals week. Among my favorites are:

4) If you have to study math, history, English, and science for the final, take this advice: ignore math – if you do not know it by now, you are not going to learn it in 24 hours. Ask the countless people in society who took calculus and still cannot balance their check book. Always mark this as your answer for English, “he wrote this piece due to his inner conflict with himself.” If you are taking a history exam, just write down the Treaty of Paris. Better yet, talk about the rise of class conflict and its inability to resolve racial and/or economic problems. Be sure to use Karl Marx’s name. As for science, list all of the terms you memorized from the typical bold print column in your textbook.

Since I’m in grad school for math, and ALL my classes are math, then that pretty well means I don’t need to study at all!  Sweet!


10) As a buddy of mine did, go to the movies every night during finals week. According to him, there is nothing wrong with a 1.5 GPA.

That’s exactly how I got through high school.  Stress is a killer, man.


One response to “Study Advice: End of Term Strategies

  1. cheese is not better than mustard and but you should not study

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