Why the “War on Drugs” is Racist

According to Paul Butler, Law professor at George Washington University, African American’s make up only 12% of the drug using population.  But, 75% of all people in prison for drug crimes are Black!  That is far out of proportion with the general using population.

This plays into the theory behind a previous post in which I made the claim that much of the inequality in this country is caused by institutional biases.  Among these is the War on Drugs which, as an institution, disporportionately negatively affects Black Americans and poor Americans.


One response to “Why the “War on Drugs” is Racist

  1. Xpost facto research often draws eroneous conclusions, or fails to look beyond the obvious.

    In which neighborhoods is drug use so rampant? Who are the king pins, and why arent they arrested?
    There is a selection bias at work here that has nothing do to with the attitudes of the police and system.

    The last four words in the Pledge of Allegiance were left out. Right after “justice for all”, should come: “who can afford it”.

    The higher up dealers, maybe not as often black, can buy justice. They dont make the deals that get them caught either.

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