The Atheist: Code for Amoral Scum

Massimo Pigliucci discusses a new play called The Athiest about an amoral man doing amoral things:

Now, imagine what would have happened if Noone had written a play about, say, sexual depravity, and entitled it “The Homosexual.” Or one about religious intolerance with the title “The Muslim.” Or one about corrupt financiers called “The Jew.” You get the drift.

I rarely mention that I’m an Atheist when I’m in public.  Instead I mention facts of my family history (my Grandfathers were Southern Baptist preachers, I was a camp councilor at Christian summer camps for 5 years, etc).  It’s sad, but Atheists are treated with a large amount of skepticism, even outright disgust.

Thankfully I live on the Left-coast where it’s not as bad as other parts of the country.  But, even here, I watch what I say till I know the people I’m talking to.


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