Too Much Coffee Makes You Hallucinate … Cool!

A new study from Durham University showed that participants who drank 7 cups of coffee a day or more were more prone to hallucinations.   Sweet!  I wonder what happens when I drink 14 cups?

You know the old math joke:  what is a Mathematician?  A machine that turns coffee into theorems.  Maybe mathematicians actually think the ARE machines … man.


3 responses to “Too Much Coffee Makes You Hallucinate … Cool!

  1. Cris Kheser-John

    I always thought the last forty years had been totally unreal!
    Now, on ten + coffees a day I know it was. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. I also noticed partial hallucinations. I drink 4 cups of fresh brewed coffee daily…

    I believe it causes short term memory loss also. Because I have a really hard time remembering what happened on which days. And when I’m awake. I feel like I’m sleeping/A zombie. MAN I really need to cut down on the coffee… I also have “acid trip” dreams when I drink way too much coffee.

  3. i drink 40 cups a day and if feel good it suck cause you cant sleep..

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