Are Political Parties Bad for the Poor?

Will Wilkinson argues that Political Parties are bad for the poor:

This is how our coalitional minds reason: Because the success of the party is so important to the welfare of poor, and these factions are so important to the successes of the party, their interests are ipso facto important to the welfare of the poor. And so their actual antagonism to policies in the interests of the poor becomes most invisible to those most eager to communicate their solidarity with the poor through party identification. Our need to signal care can produce viciously careless results.

I think there could be something to this, however I’d imagine it to be far less conscious.  And I’m not for the abolition of party politics.  Party’s and coalitions are necessary not because they are ideal, but because they act as a buffer against those who are well placed who DON’T have our interests.  The enemy of my enemy is in my party.   It sucks, but it can’t be avoided.


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