Leave Sam Adams Alone: Get a Life

Our recently elected gay mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, has been getting hammered recently because of accusations that he “may” have had relations with a 17 year old intern.  However the intern Beau Breedlove (who is now over 18, and yes that IS his name) denies the accusations, and continually has said that nothing of a sexual nature happened between the two until he turned 18.

To me that should end it.  If Beau Breedlove isn’t pressing charges, and in fact is defending the guy, we should drop it. But, humans don’t work that way.  Humans are moralistic and aren’t happy unless they’ve got someone to string up.  Now, there is a large cross section of the Portland community that is calling for Sam Adams’ resignation.   (In Portland of all places!)

What are we, California?  Are we gonna start recalling every elected official that “might” have done something we don’t like?  Get a life, Oregon.  We aren’t talking about a guy who slept with a 12 year old.  Beau Breedlove was 17 during the time Sam Adams is being accused of sleeping with him.  Does something magical happen to someone at the stroke of midnight on their 18th birthday that I’m not aware of that turns a young helpless boy into a fully grown man capable of deciding who he should and shouldn’t sleep with?  Give me a break.

Even if it is true that they slept together before he turned 18, Beau was still 17, and that ain’t far off.  If he turned 18, and then categorically denied that anything happened before he was 18, and continually states that  Sam Adams did nothing wrong, then what are we worried about?  Do we need a scandal THAT bad?

But they are only accusations.  Both the “victimizer” and the supposed “victim” deny it.  And we don’t have video.   Innocent until proven guilty.  When did our country give that up?

Portland, I love you, but you’ve gone insane.

I’ll go with Kenyon Farrow on this one:

OK–while it may be kinda skeevy for a 45 year old to be screwing with an 18-ish year old he was mentoring, it’s not illegal. And it certainly does not rise to the occasion of impeachment or resignation–even if he tried to cover up the affair with a consenting adult (that also goes for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, as far as I’m concerned). And what about Breedlove? What’s the point of having “age of consent” if it doesn’t really mean he gets to consent? Though we may not like the choices an 18 year old would make–and I made plenty of stupid ones–isn’t that still his choice? Sure, he may regret it . But then again, he may not.

7 responses to “Leave Sam Adams Alone: Get a Life

  1. You think Sam Adams drinks Sam Adams?

  2. The dudes age is barely the question. It’s the fact that Adams lied about it. It’s the fact that he ruined Bob Ball’s reputation and mayoral run by lying. It’s the possibility that the reason why a former Mercury writer is on his payroll, is to shut her up.

    It’s about holding your elected officials feet to the fire and not standing for sleazy douche-baggery.

    It’s about integrity.

  3. For the record I give the thumbs up getting with a 18 year old. Sure I think it’s kind of creepy and gross, but as long as it’s two consenting adults, have fun.

    Like I said before, the age thing isn’t even what bothers me.

    Anybody who wants me to sign a recall petition, email me.

  4. I understand the sentiment about integrity, I’m just not sure that we can realistically ask much of that from Politicians.

    Imagine having a job where every few years you had to reapply … but not just to 1 boss, or a board of directors, but to millions of people who refuse to stop and seriously listen to the intricate details of the policies you want to implement.

    It would drive anyone insane … anyone save for those crazy enough to think that that job sounded good. Those nut-jobs we call Politicians. They’re driven by ambition and ego. They have to be. They’d never be able to handle the stress otherwise.

    You have to lie to get into office. We all know Obama is basically an Atheist, but he plays the part. I honestly don’t care how much people lie about their personal lives. I only care if they lie about policies that affect me and the rest of the country. To me there is a huge difference.

  5. Oh, and b-psycho, I’m still angry that he doesn’t DRESS like Sam Adams.

  6. there are a lot of other things to worry about. Leave Sam Adams alone. the kid knew what he was doing. consensual sex. if he is a good mayor leave him alone. look at the mayor in silverton????!!!!! get a life people.

  7. oh and i forgot, lets see who else has lies….. clinton, obama, the worst president ever. he is not the only person who has lied. Liberals…the worst.

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