Blazers Mania: Rip City 2009!

I spent a lot of years avoiding watching Basketball.  First of all, the players are too tall.  I can’t relate.

But, seriously, Portland wasn’t exactly top notch for a long long time.  When I was a kid I was really into them.  Back in the Kevin Duckworth days.  It’s been nearly 18 years and finally the Blazers are doing something worth getting excited about.  I’ve been watching the playoffs for the first time since 1992!

I’m not alone.  Rip City was dormant for a spell, but it’s coming back in droves.  Tuesday nights win over the Rockets only wet the appetite.

We’ll likely not get past this first round, but it feels like a victory anyway.   Over the last ten years or more, the Blazers were largely known as the dumping ground of the the NBA’s asshole players that no other team wanted.  Now we’ve got a group of really good guys who we can be proud of.  And that’s more important than a winning record.  (Though, that’s nice too!)


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