Libertarian Buddhist

Not as strange as it sounds.  Here’s a blog by a teacher, a Libertarian, and a Buddhist, all of which is reflected in his blog.

Readers of this blog know that I’m not shy about my Libertarian tendencies.  But, what they might not know is that I was a practicing Buddhist for many years, also.   So, I find it very cool to see a new blog on two subjects I feel very close to.

(HAT TIP:  The Professor.)

5 responses to “Libertarian Buddhist

  1. All you need to add is Atheist and Juggler and you have me !

  2. Nice. You’ve certainly beat me with the Juggling. I do play a mean kazoo, though.

  3. The Libertarian Buddhist

    But can you play a Kazoo and juggle at the same time???

  4. The Libertarian Buddhist

    LOL Good one!

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