Portland, Oregon: Test Case for Electric Cars

Jetsons move over, yall aint the only ones with electric cars now..

Jetsons move over, y'all ain't the only ones with electric cars now..

Electric cars are set to roll out here on the streets of Portland, Oregon.  Oregon is slated to receive up to 1000 Nissan Electric Cars, and 2,500 “fueling” stations, and is one of only 5 test cases getting funding of this kind.  The Nissan’s vehicles should be on the road sometime in 2010.  The Portland metro area is going to be the first in the state to put them on the road, with Salem and Eugene probably close behind.

I’m stoked about this, but it seems sad that it’s taken so long for the feds to get onto this bandwagon.   Electric cars have been around a long time, the technology has been good, and most of the crap the auto companies spout off about why they haven’t made them till now (not efficient enough, can’t run long enough, not cool enough–see pic bellow) is bullshit.

As is true with so many things, once you put something on the market, a market somehow emerges for it.   I’m hoping that happens with the Government plan.

I also wonder if the feds, who now are the major share holder of GM, won’t try and use that influence to change the composition of cars on the road.  I also don’t know how I’d feel about that.  Part of me shirks at the thought of a Government run auto company.  But, the other part of me is shocked by the lack of change toward better vehicle technology.

We’re a nation wholly dependent on foreign oil, most of which comes from Arab countries.   With electric cars we would increase our dependence on coal–that’s bad.  But, it’s the lesser of two evils.  And sometimes them’s the only choices we get.

Thor Electric Car.  Dont tell me THIS aint cool!

Thor Electric Car. Don't tell me THIS ain't cool!


5 responses to “Portland, Oregon: Test Case for Electric Cars

  1. these cars are much fancy then others cars….

  2. Please keep me up-dated.

    • All that has been said about government corruption, inertia, etc., if anything is understated. I suspect it’s mostly to do with oil companies who want to sell gas to suckers; and the best way to do that is to not have the country practice genuine capitalism, whereby new ideas, innovations are exploited to the hilt instead of stifled. If we only, only, had the choice in cars that Europe does, we would have made a quantum leap. The market in Europe is open, FREE. Here it is controlled. Speaking of totalitarianism?

      Electric cars I applaud. But we must remember the electricity to recharge a zillion batteries has to come from somewhere, and preferably not from coal. We need to exploit other forms of energy that are already out there. The sun is only one. Wind is another. On and on. But we need not be tied to either petroleum or coal. We can have our cake and eat it, too, if we free up the creative energies in this country. I suspect Thomas Edison would have trouble working on his light bulb and phonograph in today’s re-tape laden environment.

      I applaud Nissan. But note: heretofore (and I think things are changing slowly) the innovation has come not from the US automakers but from elsewhere.

      Stephen Gatlin, Ph.D. Science and Technology Studies

  3. thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

  4. I work on elctric, ideas back in lated 60′ when I was a production manager for company, that was own by GM production manager. we builded couple design cars back when for him. own ideas now in VOLT coming out next year.

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