Name Change: Farewell “Good Tithings”, Hello “Sapien Games”


Sapien Games

It turns out that whenever I tell people the name of my blog it gives them no idea about what it is I tend to blog about.  This has not sat well with me.  While, I actually rather liked my original name “Good Tithings” (if for no other reason than it’s a silly play on words), it never conveyed an accurate picture of what you would find if you read the posts here.

The content of this blog has evolved quite a bit since it’s early, and more noble, inception.  I still harbor the same values, but the blog is no longer (and hasn’t been for quite some time) simply an adjunct to my artistic and business endeavors.

It has become something all its own, and reflects a much broader scope of my interests–specifically those that are related to science, politics, and economics.  As such, I feel like after nearly 4 years of blogging under the name Good Tithings, it is time for a change.

I’ve gone with the name Sapien Games for a few reasons.  First, just like with its predecessor, it sounds cool!  Nothin’ wrong with that.

Second,  it reflects a closer connection with the underlying point of the blog as it is today, and my own research interests as a graduate student.  “Sapien”, (or more correctly, “Sapiens”) is the present participle of the Latin “Sapere”, “to know” or “to think”.  So, “Sapien” means “knowing”, or “thinking”.  And the word “Games” refers to the fact that I am a Game Theorist.  My studies are focused in applications of Game theory in Evolutionary Biology and Economics.

Of course, I could have called the blog Homo Games, as that roughly mean the “Games played by Man.”  It would have been even more accurate and direct.  But, for obvious reasons that name isn’t going to work!

“Sapien” explicitly refers to the idea of a thinker (or more broadly, a philosopher or scientist), but implicitly it evokes us “humans” via its most common usage in the term “Homo Sapiens” the “Knowing Man”.  In fact, it is rarely used without the word “Homo” in front of it at all.

As a Game Theorist I can’t help but view Humans as simply another animal obeying many of the same Laws of Biology that every other animal on the planet is restricted to.  This view influences greatly my thoughts on Economics and Politics.  And reading my articles on those subjects with this view in mind might clear up a few confusions.  I have a very strong belief that Evolutionary biology and Human Sociology (specifically Economics and Politics) are powerfully linked.  In a word, I’m a Sociobiologist.  My posts here reflect that, and so should the name.

The name change also reflects my interest in deepening the level and number of science related posts, while still keeping it a truly readable and fun blog.  I’ve got a bohemian tendency that isn’t going away anytime soon, but my science-blogger tendencies are creeping up with increasing frequency.  I may as well go with them.

Finally, I understand that change can be annoying.  In my personal life (though, not in my politics) I am a remarkably conservative person.  I don’t have the “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome.  If anything, I have the “grass is always browner on the other side” syndrome!  But, sometimes change is good.  And I hope that the new title of my blog will better inform potential readers of what it is their getting into, without being too literal.

NOTE:  For those who have linked here using the URL, this link will still work.  I will hold onto that domain and continue forwarding it here.


2 responses to “Name Change: Farewell “Good Tithings”, Hello “Sapien Games”

  1. I like it and do see the fit. This topic is beyond me, but I am smart enough to delve into it. I will make the change.

  2. Thanks Carson. I know that you also (fairly) recently changed the name of your blog. If I’m not mistaken, for somewhat similar reasons.

    And you are certainly smart enough!

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