New Paint Job

As you can see (unless you’re reading this via RSS or email), I’ve changed the look slightly of the blog.  It’s not a major shift, but I dropped one of the sidebars, and changed the decorations and fonts.  I’m still using Sandbox 0.6.1, but while the old theme was based on Biology by Ntuat, this new one is based on Blog.txt by Scott Allen Wallick.

The skeleton pic in the top right hand side of the blog is Ardipithicus, or “Ardi”, the new fossil that is getting so much press. It’s a bit large and creeps into the text, so I may need to alter it.  I’m planning on having the image change periodically, for fun.

I’ll be tweaking the CSS here a bit till I get it “dialed in”.  Hopefully that won’t seem to jarring to you.


2 responses to “New Paint Job

  1. Hey! I dig the new layout!
    Long time no see, you 🙂
    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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