Change Geeks Can Believe In: White House Goes Drupal

Drupal LogoPresident Obama promised us change, and change we get.  The White House official website,, has changed its CMS (Content Management System) to the open source platform Drupal.

Drupal is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt if you don’t know any php, and aren’t comfortable learning the architecture of a site.  For most individuals who just want to blog, or have a small business website, I still think WordPress is king.  It’s easy as hell to understand and it’s quite flexible.  Nearly every site I’ve ever created I did with WordPress. I’m a mathematician, not a web developer.

But, for large websites needing lots of features or, in this case, for a large government, Drupal is well worth the learning curve.  It can do pretty well anything you want it to do.  It’s more secure than most CMS’s. And, it’s got a large community of developers backing it up.’s switch is part of an effort on the part of the Obama Administration to make the white house a more interactive and “Web 2.0” friendly place.  He is the first President to be addicted to his Blackberry after all.


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