Math for Primates: A new Podcast On Math and Science

Well, I’ve been rather busy.  I’ve not had a chance to blog as frequently as I’d like to.  And I’ve been hitting the books hard in school. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve been silent on the interweb!  Oh, no.

In fact, I and my fellow in Mathematical crime, Tom Henderson (, have begun a new podcast Math for Primates on mathematics, mathematics education, and all things that are even remotely related to those topics.

We’re 4 episodes in now, and here’s the 3rd:

Episode 003 – Quantum Lizards, Quantum Games, and Captain Picard

I’ve got a whole series of posts coming on the in and outs of quantum game theory that I’ve been writing, so stay tuned for that.  The above podcast episode will give you a quick intuitive grasp of what they’ll be about.  Here, on Sapien Games, I’ll get into the “nitty gritty”.


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