Is Google God?

Sally Adee thinks there’s a chance:

Is Google God?

There’s a test for that: omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.
Omnipresence? Check. There’s Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar,
Google Earth, Google Mars, Google Apps (the word-processing,
spread-sheeting service). They’re all everywhere, all the time.

Omniscience? The eponymous search engine is perhaps as close to a
complete index of the sum total of human knowledge as has ever existed.
(There’s even the PowerMeter application, which can tell when you’ve
been naughty or nice with your electricity usage.)

Omnipotence? That’s a tough one. Google could annoy you in myriad
ways if it wanted to. It could frustrate your flailing attempts to find
out where the hyoglossus muscle is. Gmail could gobble up your feverish
love letters; Maps could send you down an endless series of side
streets long ago blocked by freeways and housing developments. Off you
go to the howling wastelands of Yahoo Search and MapQuest.

[hat tip: Dot51]


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