“Mad Men” Speak

The NY Times discusses the language of the hit show, Man Men. 

No show in American television history, it is safe to say, has ever put
so much effort into maintaining historically appropriate ways of
speaking — and no show has attracted so much scrutiny for its efforts.
The three seasons that have been broadcast, set between 1960 and 1963,
triggered endless arguments in online discussion forums, with entire
threads devoted to potential anachronisms. Among recent small-screen forays into historical fiction, only “Deadwood,” which ran on HBO
from 2004 to 2006, generated remotely comparable discussion about the
authenticity of its language. (Commenters on that series tended to focus
on whether its torrents of colorful, modern-sounding cursing were out
of place for a South Dakota mining camp in the 1870s — which they almost
certainly were.)

My fiance is absolutely obsessed with this show.  Though, she hasn’t yet started talking like them … yet.


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