Portland Folk Are Just Plain Smarter

Well, if it wasn’t enough that those of us in Portland already suffer from a superiority complex based on our early adoption of biking, going “green” in nearly every way possible, high per capita college degree holding, and abundunt strip clubs (what?) …

It turns out we also read more than everyone else in the nation. 

Multnomah County
has the highest collection turnover rate per capita — meaning its
books, CDs, DVDs and other materials are checked out at twice the rate
of the national average.

Seriously, Portland is a weirdo place. I can’t tell you how many coffee shop barristas I know who have masters degrees, but decided that they wanted a more mellow life.  One of the coffee shops I frequent regularly is owned by a guy who will sit with me and talk about Foucault, neuroscience, and Quantum game theory (my masters-degree focus).

People here are freakishly well read.  Now I know why: all that “liberal” access to libraries – Oh My!

As my friend, Tony, once said, “In every city, the strippers say they are ‘working their way through college’.  In Portland, it’s true.”


5 responses to “Portland Folk Are Just Plain Smarter

  1. yes, portland = awesome.

  2. I feel another wave of superiority a-brewin’. Ah … feels good 🙂

  3. I think it’s more a reflection of the fact that, unlike many libraries, Multnomah County has a ton of new music. I had friends who wouldn’t buy CDs they’d just check them out from the library and rip them.

  4. Man you just told me why I think Portland and Seattle are both great places; I am not sure I can afford to live in either place — but man it would be nice.

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