Mosque Madness Continues

Ground Zero Mosque

Aziz Poonawalla makes a compelling argument in favor of the building of the Mosque in NYC:

[I]t really does boil down to an issue not just of religious freedom but also a means of putting into practice the very American values which Al Qaeda seeks to deny. A mosque in NYC, near to the site of 9-11, is not a “monument to the attackers” (a pernicious claim, which puts collective responsibility for the terrorist attacks on all Muslim Americans) but actually a repudiation of the Al Qaeda ideology. What they want is to make Muslim Americans reject American identity and follow their call to jihad – explicitly, as Anwar al Awlaki has repeatedly stated, and even succeeded (ref the cases of Fort Hood and Times Square). An American mosque, built for American Muslims, is literally the antithesis of what the enemy most desires.

The bigotry unleashed by this whole affair plays perfectly into our enemies’ hands.

The above picture just freaks me out.  What scares me is the fact that humans have the capacity to be so illogical.  We love to toot our own horn as a species – we’re so smart compared to other animals, we’re so superior.  The fact is, we’re a race of idiots blessed periodically with a few people who aren’t quite as dumb who do all of the inventing, writing, thinking, and other braniac stuff. 

Here’s the guys “great logic”.  Ground zero is to Auschwitz what Muslims are to _______ ?  If you answered, “Hitler” you’re correct! Muslims are like Hitler. 

Even if we allowed the metaphor of ground zero to Auschwitz (already a bit strange), the next line hardly follows.  For one, Hitler was one dude who had absolute power over a country, an army, etc.  Islam is a religion that has NO power because it isn’t human.  Only humans have power.  Sure, there are dumb-asses who use religion to justify – post-hoc – their political violence, but that doesn’t make them members of that religion. 

I can say I’m a robot, kill a bunch of people in the name of machine-kind, but that doesn’t make me a robot.  It makes me an insane murderer.

Fucking idiots. 

Whatever, I’m sure this guy doesn’t believe in evolution either, or who knows?  Maybe he doesn’t even believe in gravity!  It’s just a theory, after all …

Here’s a happier picture:

ground zero mosque2


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